So viele Tiere sterben im Krieg

Wie entwickeln sich Tierbestände in Kriegsgebieten? Ökologen haben Daten der letzten 60 Jahre aus afrikanischen Nationalparks ausgewertet - und kommen zu einem erschreckenden Ergebnis.

12 January 2018

La fauna salvaje también es un daño colateral de las guerras en África

Rob Pringle y Joshua Daskin han sido testigos de cómo la fauna salvaje de Mozambique ha estado al borde de la desaparición y se ha recuperado casi totalmente en apenas tres décadas.

10 January 2018

Elephants, lions and other wild animals are exquisitely sensitive to the effects of war

To the list of ways that humans are making it hard for zebras, giraffes and other large mammals to survive in the wild, you can now add war.

10 January 2018

Wie Südafrikas Tierschützer Nashorn-Wilderer jagen

In Südafrika gehen Tierschützer mit forensischen Methoden auf die Jagd nach Wilderern: Eine DNA-Datenbank soll helfen, den explosionsartigen Anstieg der Fälle von illegalen Tötungen zu lösen.

09 January 2018

In Africa, Geneticists are Hunting Poachers

Workers at Kruger National Park in South Africa moving a rhino from a high-risk poaching area in 2014.

08 January 2018

Rhinoceros DNA database successful in aiding poaching prosecutions

Statistical study shows how powerful RhODIS database is in linking forensic evidence to particular animals, say researchers

08 January 2018

The strange figures behind a secret trade

What do Thai lap dancers, Vietnamese criminals, wealthy Chinese, poor Mozambicans, ex-cops from South Africa and North Korean diplomats have to do with the demise of the African rhinoceros?

05 January 2018

The country that brought its elephants back from the brink

Prince Harry is the new president of a conservation group called African Parks, which takes over national parks and gives rangers military-style training to take on poachers and protect wildlife.

27 December 2017

Protecting the Red Sea from Shipping

The Red Sea has been flagged up as an environmentally sensitive area by researchers, with live coral reefs at constant risk of extinction from intense shipping activities and poor tourism practices

14 December 2017